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I need advice on what to do!

So im getting married in October of 2012 and I have already found a venue for the reception, but im not sure if it is to early to book it. I am nervous though that if i wait someone will take my date. Should I book it and put the deposit down just to secure that? Or should I wait another year or so?
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Re: I need advice on what to do!

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    Some venues do start booking up one to two years in advance.  Have you asked the venue if they think it's too early?  If they are willing to let you book and you are 100% sure that venue is the one you want and that your guest list and budget will still work for it in 2 years, then go ahead. 

    Be sure to check the contract for what they say about price changes over time.  Many venues will raise prices each year and you should know when you sign the contract whether they are agreeing to the prices as of now or whether the prices are subject to change.
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    I booked my venue over a year and a half out but we booked for a downtown Boston venue so it was pretty much the norm.  It wouldn't hurt to ask them now.  The worse they say is we don't book that far in advance but they'll tell you when they'll start booking that month so you can put it on your calendar and maybe even get put on a list of theirs so they know you are interested.
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    Usually venues are booked up to a year in advance. If you loved it, go ahead and sign the contract. Just make sure to read the fine print, they can charge a fee or the whole balance if you cancel later on
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    I would make sure that is the place. If you have done your research I would book it. Then you know you are able to get the date you want. I looked at many places and most only had a few dates for summer weddings open and I was looking well over a year in advance.
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