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Mother/Son Dance Dilemma...

I need opinions.... My FI's mother passed away a couple years ago. She was huge part of his life and his siblings life. My FSIL mentioned the idea of doing a photo montage of their mother during the Mother/Son dance. Though it was a really nice idea... I don't believe would be the wisest. My FI is very sensitive on the subject of his mother and after I consulted with him he was pretty against the idea as his immediate reaction to it was he would probably break down. (btw she wasn't happy that I didn't like her idea... but that's a WHOLE other post).

Another idea he had (that he took from his younger brother's wedding that took place the same year their mom passed) is during the mother/son dance, he would dance with all the women in his life (2 sisters, grandmother, niece, and ending with my mother). The only complaint I have with this idea is that it'll look like a square dance out there as most songs being typically 3-4 minutes long. Also when this was done at his brother's wedding it didn't go too well... lots of tears and brought the mood down... 

The latest idea we have come up I feel ties in everything..
After the father/daughter dance, I would go up to the DJ both to announce the mother/son dance (To add a more personal touch). I would state something along the lines of... 

"As you all know, **FI** lost his mother a few years ago. Mom was always a great supporter of our relationship and I may not be standing in front of you today if it wasn't for her. For the mother/son dance, **FI** will be dancing with his new mother-in-law, my mother. We have chosen a song by one of Mom's favorite artists. Mom we love you and miss you always."

The song we are considering is "In My Life" by The Beatles

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