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cocktail napkins

how many cocktail napkins is everybody planning to order? We're doing passed appetizers, having a signature drink and a dessert table. I'm trying to figure out how many napkins i need to order - but i don't want to spend a ton of money either! (we're having 240 guests). 
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Re: cocktail napkins

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    estimate about 6 =7 per person
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    Retread has an excellent point.

    We didn't order special cocktail napkins because the country club supplied their own.  Ij ust though that would be about the right number.

    ::hangs head in shame that the thought of special wedding napkins never entered my mind::

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    I ordered 1,000 red cocktail napkins for 250 guests.  I got them cheap from a bulk restaurant supplier.  I'm embossing them with a gold symbol myself.  The caterer has white ones that we can use if we run out of the red.  Its def not necessary but I'm having fun embossing them. :)
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