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Help setting up reception venue

     I am considering trying to start a new business where I would set up the reception room according to the bride and groom's wishes and be there for things like the cake and flower deliveries so they get placed correctly.  Kind of like a "mini day of coordinator".
       My son and daughter were just married last year and while both venues sat up the table and supplied the tablecloths, all other decorating was done by the bridal party.  The problem with this is that there are so many other things you need to be doing at the last minute and you usually can't get in the room to set up until the night before or the day of.  
    I was hoping to get opinions from the DIY brides out there if you think this is something that people would be interested in.  I'm want to keep the price down so it doesn't undo all the savings that the DIY bride has made, so I would probably charge an hourly rate depending on who complicated the set-up is. ....maybe $50 to 200 range.   What does everyone think.
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