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Drink glasses question..

We are looking for ways to lower our rental costs. We are planning to switch to plastic drink glasses after dinner, but I have an idea I would like some feedback on. The pastic glasses are compostable and our caterer is getting them at cost for me.

I've been to a wedding where the host provided a glass as part of the favor and put a cute note in it. The host provided plastic glasses at the bar, but the note encouraged the guest to use the glass all night and that it was theirs to keep. It went over really well. The glasses they provided were a mason jar mug with their wedding date on it.

We already have our favors purchased, but I have found a discount website where I can purchase mason jars for a 1/3 of the cost of the rest of the rental glasses. My FMIL, FSIL and I are all canners and the jars would certainly get reused in the future. Could I purchase these to use in place of the other drink glasses? It just seems unreasonable to pay a ton of money to rent them out.

Re: Drink glasses question..

  • so you want mason jars fo all your guests instead of the plastic compostable glasses or the other glasses
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    Sorry, that wasen't very clear. We would use the mason jars in place of the rented glasses and use plastic glasses after dinner.
  • no. they'd get dirty and then the guests would have to bring them home that way assuming that they can find it at the end of the night--after of course switching to plastic.
    imo-WAY too much going on.


  • i would stick to one set of glasses.
  • One set of glasses, as in all plastic or all real glasses?

    There are two bars, one is upstairs where the dancing and dessert portion of the evening, and thats where the plastic glasses will be used. The other bar is downstairs for dinner and cocktail hour and would have the real glasses/mason jars.

    There are real water goblets on the table for dinner.
  • I wouldn't do the mason jars. Like a PP said, they would then have to take a dirty glass home with them or find a way to clean it out at your wedding. I also wouldn't really care for a mason jar with somebody else's wedding date on it, KWIM?

    If you want to do plasticware, I would just stick with that. Or do plastic upstairs and glass downstairs like you said.

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  • I wouldn't want to use the same glass all night long.... what if I switched drinks?  What if I set it down and couldn't tell which one was mine?  I also would not want to bring home a wed, dirty glass with me at the end of the night.
    I'd stick with plastic if that's all you can afford.
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  • Unfortunately, we'd not have used mason jars either. We're both from the country, and it would have fit well, but they would not have been kept. I've gone through several Oktoberfest steiners, and hate the thought of carrying a dirty glass through the festival with me. Not to mention that it gets so warm. And, in the end, I threw away all of the glasses. They served no purpose outside of the event; the nostalgia was not enough of a reason to keep them.
    Stick with the rentals, it's one less thing for you to worry about!
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