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Current wedding theme: Confused

I am having a hard time creating a cohesive theme to my June wedding in Portland, OR. We are getting married in a very traditional lutheran church with dark wood and stained glass. Then our venue (Urban Studio) is very modern and urban (as the name suggests.) Two very contrasting settings.

The decor I find myself loving is the kind of homespun-look, like the weddings found on and They are indie, vintage-inspired, DIY and often outdoors... mason jars and eclectic feel. I just don't think this will match our settings, let alone bridge them.

How did you choose your theme?
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Re: Current wedding theme: Confused

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    Honestly, I think that you could do the DIY, vintage look at the Church and then at Reception shift the theme to make it a little more clubby to fit the feel of the space!
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    check out they have a ton of inspiration with that home-spun wedding feel
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    You can totally do the homespun wedding in the urban space. If you have enough cohesive decor, it could look really cool. I think the juxtaposition of the homespun and modern could be very interesting and memorable.
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    No theme at my wedding.  I did seem to end up with a lot of roses but that's because
    A) I love them
    B) FI and I met when I fell on a rose bush.  He heard me yell out and came over to see if I was ok. 
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    Our theme came about pretty randomly; the only thing he asked for was a winter wedding.  I also knew I wanted red, because he looks great in it and I wanted him to wear a red vest with his tux.  As we tried to come up with a second color we kept coming back to dark green, and our wedding is in the first week of January, so we ended up with a Christmas theme; poinsettias, fire & ice roses, winter berries etc, garlands etc. 

    I agree with the others, you can still do it, and if you do it right it would be really interesting and make for really interesting pictures.  I would do some online searches to see if you can find something similar to give you ideas and comparisons to work from. 
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    I think it's definitely do-able!  Sounds strange, but check out some photos on  Yes, they are apartment photos and not wedding photos, but tons of the apartments seem to happily "marry" modern and vintage/indie/eclectic styles.  It's an interesting site for style inspiration!  Good luck. 
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