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Black & White damask + bright blue?

Soooo.... our main wedding colors are aqua/pool blue & pistachio green.  The flowers my bridesmaids and i are carrying a spring mix of pinks/yellows/whites/greens.  I  want some black/white thrown in to make it not so pastel-y and looking like an Easter egg hunt...the invites we like have black/white damask accents, and I thought about having b/w damask runners on our round tables at the reception, with aqua blue tablecloths.  Our flowers on the tables are going to be white hydrangeas submerged in water in square vases, and others are going to be tall cylinder vases with tulips/cala lilies submerged in water with wide round candles floating on top.  I also want to have black wooden fold up chairs.  The floor at the reception hall is black/white sqaures, although with the tables the floor won't be a huge focus (but just for what it's worth).

My mom (who is WONDERFUL and so great about everything wedding-related) can't get over the "black at a spring wedding" thing (even thought I think b/w damask is fine for spring???) and I'm having trouble convincing her that it can work and look classy and fun. 

Am i completely off in thinking that this can look great???  Please be honest!!!  I don't really have any pictures to support my "vision" but it's just kinda coming together in my head :-)

Thanks for your thoughts!!!!!!

Re: Black & White damask + bright blue?

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    It sounds like it would look great with the venue.  Is it an afternoon reception or evening?  It would be even better if it were evening, but you can do afternoon too.  My friend had an afternoon reception and her colors were black and red, it was very classy and pretty.

    What you should do is find lots of pictures of weddings that used damask and show those to her.  Do searches on Google Images and here on the Knot in the photo galleries.

    What color dresses are your BMs wearing?  I'm a little confused on your colors because you said the main colors are blue and green but nothing else you described has any green it, it sounded like mostly blue and pinks with the damask. 
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    Well I'm not really sure yet about the pistachio green : )....our cake has a strip of the green in it (sort of like a ribbon i guess), and i thought about having cocktail napkins in green & blue...maybe i'll use the green in our CD favors, basically, not really sure yet about the green, but the BM dresses are blue, so that's the biggest "pop" of color i guess.
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    I think the black and white will make a nice "backdrop" for the blue and green of your wedding.  But I wouldn't make it a major feature with everything. 
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    That sounds great! Im a damask bride as well.

    Blk and white damask with accents of red.

    If you go to

    and search tags:damask lots of damask brides with aqua and reg colors too!

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