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Ceremony/reception distance

My FI and I were planning on having our ceremony and reception in the same town, until this week. We just discovered the perfect reception site, but it's a good hour or so away from where we wanted to do our ceremony. We have another option for our ceremony (we're doing it in a church) down closer to the reception site, but it will still be a good 35-40 minutes driving between the two.

Any thoughts on the distance issue? How have other people handled this? We'll probably get some shuttles, since all of my fiance's family are from overseas, but that's still a bit of a gap. Should I keep looking for a closer site, even though it's perfect for us every other way?

Re: Ceremony/reception distance

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    Can you get married at the reception site?  That's becoming really common.  That's pushing it as far as acceptable distance between, most people here say the line is drawn at about 30 minutes.
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    I think it's still a little far.  Just over the 30 minute line, but if your guests hit traffic or construction it could be a long drive.

    Would your denomination allow you to get married at the reception site?  We had a religious ceremony at the same venue as our reception.
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    My ceremony and reception sites will be about 30 minutes apart from each other. I don't think 30 minutes is a big deal but an hour or more can be a bit of a pain.
    Your family and close friends probably will not mind traveling, but others may only attend the ceremony or reception, and won't be able to attend both.
    Are you having a large wedding? Maybe you can talk to some of your guests in advance and see how they would feel about the distance.
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    I think an hour or more will end up with some people going to the ceremony but not the reception and vice versa - a lot of people will end up attending one but not both.
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    [QUOTE]Your family and close friends probably will not mind traveling
    Posted by JadziaDax[/QUOTE]
    They might do it quietly, but that doesn't mean they don't mind it.  If some of them are coming from a couple hours away they may be making a daytrip for the wedding, which would make a long drive between the ceremony and reception kind of annoying in addition to making the day longer.
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    I think an hour is way too long, personally.  40 minutes is on the edge of what I would even consider.
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    I actually think that the distance should be measured in how long it will take people to get home from your reception.

    What I mean is that if the ceremony venue is far from most of your guests' homes, and then the reception is getting them an hour closer to being home, it's fine.

    On the other hand, if your guests are traveling, say 30 minutes to the ceremony, then another hour farther to the reception, and then are facing a 1.5 hour drive home....I'd rethink it.

    I wouldn't mind the drive as long between ceremony and reception as it was getting me closer to home and not farther away.
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    Thanks for the thoughts!
     We can't do our ceremony at the reception site--we're doing a Catholic ceremony, so that's out (too many hoops to jump through for the diocese, even if we found a willing priest). I think we're going to end up doing the ceremony at the closer church; since most people will be driving down from up north (an hour or so away)--the reception site is almost halfway in between, so they'll be halfway home after the reception. :-)
    Thanks again!
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