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bridal party introduction song advice

Hello, my wedding is in Julyy 2011 and I'm struggling with finding the perfect introduction song for my bridal party.  I want something upbeat.  Any suggestions?  I've gone on websites and the trend right now is "Let's get this party started' by Black Eyed Peas the theme song to "Rocky". 

Re: bridal party introduction song advice

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    I am using "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. I think it's perfect! :)
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    Chelsea Dagger (theme song to blackhawks) more of a Chicago thing- but still a great song.

    Usher- Yeah
    I've got a feeling BEPs
    Michael Jackson stuff

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    How about Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Your by Stevie Wonder or Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles.
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    I agree. 

    I really like Your're My Best Friend by Queen and Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I"m Yours by Stevie Wonder

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    I am a dance teacher so finding songs is an everyday chore for me.... Most of the girls in my wedding party are my dance friends so we're doin some fun stuff...For each couple they're getting their own lil song snipet. For instance I wear my sunglasses at night and they walk in with their sunglasses on. My brother will be escorting two of my friends so they're doing the boy is mine by Brandy and Monica as a joke to fight over him... If your wedding party isn't too big this would be an idea to give it a personal touch. Of course I'm just making a big ole production out of it cause I can't help myself LOL...Good Luck to you!

    Prince's-Party Like it's 1999 is always a favorite as well!
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    I like Usher DJ got us dancing :)
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