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Special Moment with Mom?

So we do a special moment with dad- right we have a father daughter dance. And then we have a a mother of the groom and groom dance. But what about a mom and bride? Has anyone heard the new Carrie Underwood song about Mom giving her daughter away? It brought tears to my eyes. I am close to my dad, but my parents are divorced and I grew up with my mom and I feel closer to mom probably now more than ever in my life and I do not want the day to go by without a special recongization to my mother. I'd like to have a special moment with her. Has anyone else done this in classy way? Can  I do a spcial daughter mom dance?
what do you all think?

Re: Special Moment with Mom?

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    I don't know if this is a good answer or not, but I've had sooo many close moments with my mom in planning that I don't know that I'd feel I need to recognize that during the ceremony or reception.  We've had some really emotional times and just special conversations that I'm not sure a song or moment of recognition during the ceremony would do it justice.   

    If you are going to do something, I would say maybe include a special note in the program or have a moment behind the scenes with her.  When I think about how special my mom is, I absolutely cry and would not want the world to share with me in that.  
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    Guests will politely watch the three standard spotlight dances: father/bride, mother/groom, and bride/groom.  Anything beyond that kills the party.
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    I'm a former MOB.  I didn't need anything more on my DD's wedding day than to be the MOB.

     I was the person she turned to throughout the day for the little "stuff" that came up.  I was the one in the room when everyone was dressing to know that she was about to lose it, and found the way to calm her down.

    I was the last person escorted in before the WP started down the aisle.  And I was the first person after the ceremony was over who she embraced.

    I loved watching her walk down the aisle on her dad's arm.  I wouldn't have changed that moment for the world.  And one of the two times that day that I got teary was watching her dance with her daddy at the reception.

    Being MOB is a pretty wonderful experience.  One of the best in my life as a parent.  I didn't anything more.  GL
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    I'm actually having a similar issue. I'm very close to my mother and I feel like I have no way to show how it has been her who has always been there for me and who got me through this wedding planning.  My dad refused to let my mom walk with us down the aisle which has really upset me, but my said (like the about mother stated) that she didn't need any special recognition, she just wants me to be happy and enjoy my day.  So is there a way to highlight my mother without having it make my dad look like less?  (sorry to hijack the thread)
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    Oh my gosh I just started tearing up over trix1223 post- I think i'm going to go and call my mom right now.
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    Trix's post was almost exactly what I would have written. 

    I am also a former MOB, planned the wedding with DD, had plenty of special moments along the way.  We had our moments dress shopping, lunches, planning sessions, doing flowers and guest lists, picking music, and on her wedding day I did her make up and helped her get dressed. 

    Frankly, I wanted to actually see her get married, not be distracted by even more emotional "moments" that day.  I was freaking exhausted, lol.

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    As trix1223 and Catwoman708 said so eloquently, I'm sure your Mom knows how you feel. Rather than do something in front of people, how about a great card you make yourself, or a personal note she can read after the wedding. If you are that close, adding another emotional "moment" to the even will be draining on everyone.

    I'm planning my own wedding right now, and my son is old enough to get married if he had the right gal. I raised him myself, he only saw his dad once in his life for a few hours. We are thisclose, and I have shared so many proud moments watching him grow up and graduate high school and college, and move away for grad school. I will be SO emotional when he gets married that I will probably not hold it together for long, all freaking day. He has written special notes in cards for my birthday and Mother's Day, and I know he finally "gets it", LOL, how hard it was. I won't need anything special that day, but if he were to give me a note to read after the wedding, I think that's all I'd need.

    Good luck in your plans.
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    You could always have the dj play the song and say something dedicating it to your mom since you love the song...but allow everyone to dance so it is not another dance people have to watch.
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    The song also brings me to tears so I am typing it up, gonna make it really pretty and what not and then frame it and give it to her. and maybe have a really special moment before the wedding. just a thought
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Special Moment with Mom?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Guests will politely watch the three standard spotlight dances: father/bride, mother/groom, and bride/groom.  Anything beyond that kills the party.
    Posted by aerinpegadrak[/QUOTE]

    I kind of agree w/this. I'm sure that your mom will be appreciative of a nice gift and card, plus as others have said, she'll probably be involved in a different planning aspects and she'll be there for you on your big day.

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    im going to dedicate the song "in my daughter's eyes" to my mom, and dance with her. but im not going to stop the party for it, everyone can join in. i would dance with her.. think of how special it will make her feel!
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    My father has decided not to attend my wedding. So I am doing a Mother/Bride dance instead of a father/bride dance. My mom and I are dancing to Mama He's Crazy by The Judds.  If you want to do something special with your mom then do it. I didn't get a lot of mother/daughter moments while planning my wedding because my mom lives 6 hours away.

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    I was in the exact same situation when I got married. We had a song dedicated to all the mums. The MC gave a little speech about how special my mother is to me (I gave it to her beforehand) My mum and my mother-in-law opened the dance floor and then all the mothers in room joined (without being told). It was incredibly beautiful. I also joined and got to dance with her.
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    My mom has already told me that her only request is that she gets to speak to the DJ the night of our reception. I can only guess that it's because she wants a certain song played, most probably for her and I to dance to. I understand where the other MOBs are coming from, but my mom WANTS this. I'm much closer to my mom than I am to my dad, and they're actually in the process of getting a dissolution... I don't know what's going to happen between now and the time that I get married, but there's a good chance that I will completely eliminate the father-daughter dance, depending on the path my dad pursues once they are no longer married. So, I say go for it -- if you and Mom are both comfortable with doing that, then so be it. It's not very common to have a mother-daughter dance, so I'm sure the guests would love to see such a special moment shared between a mother and daughter. Five extra minutes that they have to sit is a priceless amount of time for you and mom. :)
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    My mother attended a wedding years ago where the Bride danced with her mother and I remember her telling me about it and saying how much she loved the idea... So, I always felt that it would be a nice thing to do on my wedding day... If you feel like it's something you want to do... It's YOUR day... Go for it!!

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