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Napkins * urgent*

Where did you order your printed napkins from?  My printer didnt order ours like she was supposed to and now I need to place a last minute order.  My wedding is in 15 days!

Re: Napkins * urgent*

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    Lol....I just want to add that the idea that anything involving napkins can be "urgent" amuses me.

    Unless of course we're dealing with sanitary napkins.


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    I know personalized napkins aren't a must, but, I wanted them so I got them. I got mine from theknot. They look good and they didn't take long to get. Good luck!
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    A post titled "Napkins - Urgent" cracks me up.  
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    We used for cocktail napkins. They let you upload custom artwork, so I was able to match a design element from our invitations. 
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    As a guest to a few other weddings (now planning my own) I have to say that I feel bad knowing that people spent money on something I just ended up having to spill food on.

    If you want to make it more classy look into cloth napkins, if your thinking for the cocktail hour then I would use

    multi colored napkins to show that they're yours (if you use your wedding colors), much less expensive and they'll create a nice burst of color.
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    After 16 years I still have some of mine, and so do all of my DDs who are married - and we really didn't order very many.  People just don't use them.  Go to party city - they have tons of patterns and colors and it is way cheaper - for something absolutely destined to hit the garbage can.
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