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coral centerpieces

Can anyone tell me where to buy coral or faux coral for centerpieces?  Thanks!

Re: coral centerpieces

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    You might try searching for "beach" or "coral" at

    If you can't find something there that will work, try searching online for shops located in beach areas. I live in the SF Bay area and I know there are shops at Pier 39, for example, that carry coral. I think they tend to run expensively there, but you get the idea. These shops may have an online catalog.
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    I would definitely recommend using fake coral - maybe from a fish tank supply shop?? It would look really nice submerged. Real coral might have a smell to it so be careful (I know this from experience when I once found a neat piece of coral on a beach and dried it out and wore it in my hair, but then I realized how bad it smelled, ha ha). 
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