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Freaking Out.... XP

So I'm kind of freaking out...I'm feeling pretty guilty!! Can someone help calm my Jitters with some words of wisdom....?? I've changed my mind on a reception hall rental my Mother offered to pay for.

Last week, my mother & Grandmother talked me into booking my reception at a close to home reception hall. I mainly agreed because everything would be simple for them because it is so close to their homes to set up everything. They have also coordinated 3 other weddings there in the past, so they are familiar with the hall's kitchen, etc. My family is cooking all of the food because they have catered multiple wedding receptions for family & friends.

After looking at it last night, I hate my decision. It looks like a cafeteria with a bar and no windows. I watched Previous wedding reception videos and the space is just so cramped and blah/stuffy looking.

My other choice is a gorgeous, spacious hall with Cathedral ceilings and beaufiul views.. but of course this became an inconvenience for everyone else because it is 45 minutes from home...and because our family is cooking all of the food it wouldn't be as easy taking the food to the hall.

I know that if I tell my family I've changed my mind, everyone will be aggrivated with my choice and it will cause tension. This is because Mother is footing the bill for the reception hall rental. I've thought about telling her to not worry about it, and because I've changed my mind, I will pay for everything I decide to do.

Someone please help...

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