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we are doing a small intimate wedding, our families live 5 1/2 hours apart.  I would like to take everyone at the wedding to a nice restaurant for dinner and not have a large party type reception.  Is this acceptable? 

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    Yes.  It's fine.
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    Absolutely!  Talk to some of your favorite restaurants and find out if they have private rooms you can use.  With a small group, you can do a wonderful intimate dinner and really get to celebrate with the people you love most.
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    Sounds perfect.  As long as everyone you invited to the ceremony is invited to the dinner afterwards, you're fine.
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    thank you so much for your opinion.  It is greatly appreciated.
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    I am really not stalking you, but I wanted to see if you have posted anywhere else to figure out anymore ideas for your wedding.

    However, I am so glad I did since I am getting married next weekend and we are doing exactly what you are talking about.

    Our wedding is for 96 (which is not super small, but it is basically family and a few close friends) in my parents back yard with a dinner following at a local restaurant.  There will be no party-like atmosphere.  We are not big partiers, but rather enjoy an outstanding meal with our guests,  The whole time we were trying to achieve an intimate and simple affiar.  I am so thankful we went this path.  I am not on the other side of the event yet, but I think I will feel the same way afterwards.  I have been to countless "cookie cutter" weddings and I think doing something different is not only brave but refreshing.

    If you need any help with ideas, planning, etc I can help you out.

    Best of luck with your planning.
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    i think that this sounds lovely.  i get married next weekend and i bet right now my fiance is wishing that this is what we will save yourself a lot of stress
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    Perfectly fine.  We were planning to go that route, but our group was too large for it to work with our budget.
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    I think that fine and sounds nice.  Maybe you can set up a limited menu so that people don't feel uncomfortable about ordering certain things off the menu - ie - am I allowed to get an appetizer or a drink, etc?.  I would think it would be important to at least have beer and wine available.
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