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Star-themed centerpieces

My fiance is an astronomer, and instead of numbering our reception tables, we were going to name them after constellations. I've been trying to think of star-themed centerpiece ideas, but am coming up blank. Can anyone help??
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Re: Star-themed centerpieces

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    How about a star shaped glass container (like a candy dish) with a candle in it. You could put it on some kind of raised pedestal if you wanted a little height.
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    Oh my, that is very neat!!

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    [QUOTE]If you have the time for a diy project, you could get some vellum paper, pin prick each sheet with a different contellation, and then wrap tall pilliar vases with the paper. Stick a candle in the vase and you have lit constellations. ETA: Here is an example of what I mean, but with a city skyline. Click me
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