Reception Ideas

(XP) PSA: Mixbook Groupon - $15 gets you $50 - Photo guestbook or parents' albums!

$50 will get you about 60 pages in an 8.5x8.5 book, and just $6 shipping. :)

AW our wedding album: Clicky.

The best photo guestbook I've ever seen: Clcky.

I did our album (12x12), our parents' albums, and a couple of miscellaneous books through this site, and I just love them so much.  The quality is great, and the site is easy to work with.  

Groupon deal - CLICKY.

hth someone :)

ETA: Updated link.


**Current VistaPrint Groupon - $17 gets you $70(good 'til 11/8)**

**New project in the works: Follow my Twitter for more Groupon (etc) deals!**


Bio ~ A Bride's Guide to VistaPrint *

"In my book you're a VistaPrint goddess" --Hannah


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