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Indoor reception without dancing and stuff? bummed..

ok, so I was really wanting an outdoor bbq type wedding with lawn games etc. I think we can't get it together for this summer so now I am thinking October. Unfortunately, it will be cold out and a bbq to me is out. That leaves an inside reception..
I don't dance and don't really want that kind of reception. I really don't know how you can pull off a casual affair inside without it. It will just seem strange to me. Also, there won't be anything to do except stand around and talk to each other which gets old fast. There will also be a bunch of kids. I was already planning on getting some craft junk from Oriental Trading to keep them busy when then needed a break from the lawn games, I can still get those.
I don't know, I am just bummed and can't figure out what to do.

Re: Indoor reception without dancing and stuff? bummed..

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    Go with what you want.  If you want a bbq, change your date.  Or do a cake/punch reception only indoors in October.  You're the bride, you and your FI should do exactly what you want.
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    You could plan for other games that you could do inside. I don't know what kind of "lawn games" you were thinking, but you could have board games or cards. You could also have a tv set up with a wii or something. And there are some lawn games that could be moved inside, like a bean bag toss.
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    Is there any reason why you cannot wait until next spring?
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    Why can't you have lawn games in October? It wont be snowing. Put a sweatshirt or jacket on. It's the perfect time of year for horse shoes and flag football. Plus if you have a pig roast  the fire from it will keep you guys plenty warm. Fall is the only time of year when I want to be outside. It's not to hot and not to cold and the air is nice and crisp
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    What about a casino-type party or indoor carnivalish games or something?
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    I was going to suggest picking a more casual venue- a roller skating rink, a bowling alley, etc.  If games are your thing, it may be a better idea.

    Or what about an amusement park or something?
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    - Kareoke
    - Scatter Card Games and board games in different areas with comfortable seating
    - Ping pong!

    I would go with what you want. You can still do bbq indoors - I'd decorate it with summertime stuff. There's so much you can do with this!
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    Why not play off the whole fall thing and do it somewhere that you can have hay rides, maybe find some sort of apple orchard or something like that. Still have it outside, just tell people to dress warm!
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