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I've been googling venues for over a week and haven't found anything that we even kind of like. I want to find a place that doesn't normally host weddings so we can bring our own caterer and our own booze. I keep finding places that have packages with formula weddings and I'm just not interested. Does anyone have any good ideas?

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    I think you're going to have to be more specific.  New England includes six states!

    Our reception site was a public park in New Haven, CT.  You have the option of getting married on the beach with a lovely view of Long Island Sound and the cityscape in the distance.  The pavilion where the reception was held houses a restored 1916 carousel that our guests enjoyed rides on all night.  And there was a lovely lighthouse on the grounds, too.  We brought in all our own catering and alcohol.  Do a search for Lighthouse Point Park if you are interested.
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    Ya, if you could narrow it down to a state that would be helpful...I know of a lot in Massachusetts.

    Also, what feel are you looking for?  Rustic?  Hotel? 
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    Try posting on the local board for the area you want to get married, if you can narrow it down within New England (or you could cross post).  

    Also, while PP's suggestion of looking at parks park is great, you shouldn't limit yourself to places that don't typically have weddings, because there are some places that have lots of weddings but only provide a venue, no caterering or anything.  What comes to mind for me is the Ducktrap Retreat (link), which you might want to check out to get an idea of another option.  If you are considering midcoast Maine in your New England search, you might want to look at them for your wedding, it's a beautiful location.  
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    I forgot to mention--depending on the size of your wedding, you can consider renting a house or an estate.  
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    There are only a few towns in MA where you can bring your own booze.  Topsfield is one of them.
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    If you're in the Boston area, Griffin Musuem of Photography might work: 
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