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Best Price for Hurricane Vases/Pillar Candles?

My florist is quoting $10 for hurricane/pillar candle combo to line the aisle for my ceremony.  I'm hoping to cut costs a bit and I feel like I should be able to do better...  Any ideas on cheap places online to purchase these?  I'm def going to hunt through the Trash-to-treasure board but I figured I'd see if anyone has spotted an awesome deal.  :)

Also, she wants $0.75 a piece for votives (holder and wax).  Trying to see if I can shave a couple cents off that as well.

Every bit helps! :)

Re: Best Price for Hurricane Vases/Pillar Candles?

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    I would check at all your local stores, like Walmart and your local craft stores (Jo-Anns, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc).  I know my friend got her cylinder vases from Walmart for her wedding for less than $2 each.  I'm not sure how much their hurricane vases are, but it's definitely worth checking out all of your options.  Also check your local Craig's List in the arts & crafts section.  I  know in my area, a lot of brides sell their left over wedding stuff there.  Buying local will be best because those types of vases will be expensive to ship.
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    Also check places like Dollar Tree/Odd Lots etc for votives. Even eBay, you should be able to get the for a lot less than $.75 each.

    Depending on how long they will burn and how they look wherever you plan to use them, tea lights might work as well and will probably be half the cost. You should be able to find tea lights that will burn at least 4 hours.

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    It depends on how tall the vases are. The hurricane's can get pretty pricy. But check Michael's if they are local to you. They have a nice variety and usually a pretty good price on both. Then compare the prices to the florist.

    Also try or
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