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Do these linens look okay together? PIP

Hi! I'm trying to have our head table look a little different than the rest of the tables. This is what our tables will look like (except in varying shades of navy blue and silver/grey) and the swag will hang a bit lower than shown here. The chair covers, also in navy with some ivory/silver will have some ruffles gathered in the center, and some along the lower portion, as shown in the second and third photos:

Would this type of table linen look too out of place with what we're doing elsewhere? All of this is being custom made, so it would look a bit more polished than here and have the same topper with cord and tassle as the others, but still have the same ruffled quality. This would be in the same fabrics as the ruffles have, so there would be color variation, but it would still be blues/silvers. We'd use simple chair covers without ruffles for this table.

Sorry for all the photos, any advice or comments would be appreciated! :)

Re: Do these linens look okay together? PIP

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    Omg I love love love your inspiration! I think it would look lovely. It's almost a reverse of what you want for the other tables with the ruffles on the chairs. If it were me, though, I would do the draping on the rest of the tables and save the beautiful flows ruffles for the head table to make it extra special looking. I assume you are using round tables too?
  • Looks gorgeous!
  • It's fine for the head table to be different. I'd also say it's fine for variety at the rest of the tables, but it really needs to be done right.

    I really like picture #2!
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    romamor - we're not using many rounds, if any. For rounds we'd do the draping but no ruffles since there would obviously be no corners. We're doing mainly square and wide banquet tables. 

    jennipea- the other tables won't really have any variety among them, save for different chair covers. The dance floor is in the center of the room, so the outer most tables will have the ruffles hanging from the center of the chair, and then moving inward towards the dance floor we'll have the ruffles hanging from the bottom of the chair. So it won't be mixed up at the tables or anything. 

    I know it's okay for the head table to be different, but do you think the fourth photo will look cohesive with the look that the first three photos have? Photos 1 and 2 are actually the same wedding, the third is just a different style of chair cover. 

    I can't decide if the fourth photo's linens look too unpolished for what the rest of the tables will look like. Does that make sense? 
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