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Feathers, pearls, and lace?

I have been slowly putting together ideas for decorations.  My colors are pink and black. I started out wanting feathers to be the "theme" but then I decided i really loved the look of lace and thought it would be nice to incoporate lace on the tables and in the bridal party attire.  Now I am really liking the look of pearls with everything like having myself and the bridemaids wear pearl accessories.   Do you think these three things will be too much together? or do you think I incorporate all three as long as I don't go over board?   

Re: Feathers, pearls, and lace?

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    I think it's fine as long as you don't go overboard.   I also wouldn't over-think the accessories that your bridesmaids will wear.  Not everyone will want to wear pearls, and it's kind of bridezilla-ish to dress your bridesmaids up like identical dolls.  Most women prefer to wear their own jewelry.
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    I am doing feathers, pearl and lace, but my colors are very muted. I am doing mostly white and ivory with very small touches of red. Not a lot of feathers, just a touch of one feather in each bouquet and in the centerpieces. I have lace runners for the tables (ivory), crystal candle holders, white/ivory flowers with crystals draped from those with one red flower in each centerpiece. I think it depends how much of the other colors you are doing, how bright is the pink. It can be done, but yes, be careful on combing too many colors, textures, etc.
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    quite a few weddings i have seen the bridemaids where the same accessories ie weddings done on David tutera's show. I just think it looks nicer but that is just my opinion.  And I am not making them wear pearls  I asked them what they thought and let them have opinions.  They choose the pearls.  So lets keep name calling out of this.

    Thank you gottadance! yours sounds great! The pink is bright pink and most of accents would be feathers.     The dinner takes place in one room and the dancing/cocktail our takes place in a seperate room. I wanted to have lace table runners either black or the bright pink for the dinner tables.    I only have pearls in the centerpieces for the tables during dancing/cocktail hour no lace and maybe a few feather accents.
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    well I didnt appreciate the bridezilla comment. I just felt there was a judgment made with very little data.  I agree brides who don't listen to their bridal party and make them feel uncomfortable are bridezillas.  I am a very easy going bride and my bridesmaids have full say in everything.  my two bridesmaids are also easy going and don't really mind what I pick out. they are happy to wear whatever.  I am not dictating their look.  The only two things I am picking out for them is the dress and the pearl necklace but I am paying for both items.  I am purchasing their shoes, but they will get to pick them out.    And I have seen dozen of real weddings that I have been to plus all the pictures on this site where the bridesmaids are matching. I like the way it looks, but if my bridesmaids wanted to wear different dresses or accessories I would be ok with that too.  I think that matching and not matching are both ok routes as long as all parties are happy and have a say in the matter.

    ultimately I really wasn't asking for advice on my bridemaids or their attire...I just wanted to know if I could incoporate feathers, lace, and pearls into my reception decor without it looking too crazy or tacky.  So thank you for those answers.
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    [QUOTE]Nobody called anyone names. David Tutera is a wedding planner, and the wedding industry endorses matchy-matchy everything.  He also puts the wedding party in matching hairstyles, shoes, jewelry, wraps and everything else. If your bridesmaids WANT to wear pearls, then that's great. Otherwise, it's a wedding, not Parade of the Clones, and that's the point pinkgirl55 was trying to make. Dictating everything about a bridesmaid's appearance and attire IS bridezillaish. It's fine to decorate with certain details, but don't go overboard.  "Themes" can go from classy to kitschy very quickly.
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    Look at thousands (probably millions) of pictures over various decades of weddings and you will see matching bridesmaids..It's not a new thing created by a booming wedding industry (it is a TRADITION) so I am not sure why you feel the need to attack others over that topic by mentioning "clones". It is actually MORE common than not. I have been in several weddings and each tinme, I was given the jewelry to wear on the wedding day so we could all match.

    do I think it is REQUIRED? no, not at all,..I don't criticize brides who do it differently..but I think it is crappy to criticize a bride for doing something that they have done for DECADES and imply she is a bridezilla who wants clones.........
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