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To assign seating or not...

Hi im just curious about wedding is very laid back and i am having smaller tables which sit 4-5, andthey will be spread out, around the pool, on the porch etc.We are not having a proper sit down meal it will  either be a buffet or heavy hor doeuvres and desserts. I just have quite a few guests about 6 (around 50 guests altogether) who dont know n e one else, and would probably feel awkward about sitting at someone elses table(without a prompt) and i feel that if i assign seating maybe that will help....ive just never seen assigned seating for a casual wedding before....opinions please :)

Re: To assign seating or not...

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    I don't really see the point, if you're not having a sit down meal.  In your case, I would make sure to have more tables/chairs than you actually need, so that people can mingle casually, but not feel obligated to sit in the only remaining seat at a table.
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    thanks i see what your saying and that was my original thought i just think if i was at a wedding and knew no one id more likely talk to people who i was sat with on a table than to walk over to a table of people i didnt know and talk to them, we'll see i have a bit of time to decide
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    I know this isn't what you asked, but I would suggest inviting a guest for those people that won't know many (or any) other people.

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    yeh i had plus ones on all the invites for those who dont know people, just mostpeople are travelling from mexico or canada or europe so theyre coming alone...thanks for the advice though :)
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    I would make an effort to talk to these guests first at the reception.  I am not a social butterfly and while I could be at the greatest wedding in the history of weddings, if I don't really know other people, I don't stay long.

    I wouldn't make assigned seating for a casual reception; it seems unnecessary.  However, I would be prepared that these people (especially if they don't bring a guest) may leave early.  Just don't take offense to it!
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    also most of these guests are coming into town a few days before so we will hang out with everyone hopefully that will give them more chance to get to know everyone...phew about seating arrangements one less thing i have to do. :)

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