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So, we changed our venue 80 days before the wedding, because I was too scared about rain to have it outside.  Now, we are having both the ceremony and reception at a country club in town.  However, the manager is only allowing us the large banquet hall.  Therefore we have to have our tables in the room.  If we use large banquet tables, but face all the chairs towards the ceremony focal point, do you think it'd work?  Has anyone been to a wedding where you actually sat at the dinner tables? How'd it work?  And if you have pictures, it'd be even better!

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    A girl on my local board had to have her wedding in the reception area due to rain.  She used the round guest tables but just sort of made an aisle down the center.  She had a huppah/canopy thing where they said their vows.  I saw her pictures and it looked fine. 

    I would ask the manager or event planner there what they suggest.

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    Is there no other room you can rent for an hour after the ceremony so the chairs can be replaced with tables. You could do your cocktail hour while the room is being set up.

    I don't know about the tables, I've never seen one myself. But if you think of those dinner conferences where there are speeches and such, but everyone is sitting at tables. So it is probably doable, you just might get some "side-eye" glances since it's not very typical.

    Hopefully someone else has a good idea : )
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    I went to a wedding last summer that was like this and it worked out just fine. The wedding itself was pretty laid back, so it worked well for her.

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    I once helped coordinate a wedding where the ceremony and the reception were in the same room and the event staff set up curtains along the outer perimeter of the room and had the set up tables behind the curtains. After the ceremony was over, the guest had cocktails in the foyer and the event staff removed the curtains and moved the tables to the center of the room.
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    I attended a wedding on Valentine's Day that was like this.

    The venue had a foyer, which opened up to a large reception hall. They had set up all the tables on either side of the room, which created a very wide aisle. The tables weren't perfectly straight, or against the wall they just moved them to accomodate an aisle. Since it was a Marine/Military Wedding, every guest was escorted to their table by a Marine.

    At the end of the hall was a stage, where the ceremony was performed. After the ceremony, the only thing that was re-arranged was that they brought out the head table. It was only the couple and their MOH and Best Man.

    The large aisle acted as the dance floor for the remainder of the night.

    I have pics, but I'm having trouble uploading them. I'll try and PM them to you.

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