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Ok so i was orginally going to have my wedding ceremony at 11am and reception 12 to 4 which both the church and reception sites are booked. But i cant find a hair salon that is open early enough to be ready at 11.. so is it ok to move the wedding to 12 and cut the reception by an hour and have it 1 to 4? Im only inviting 61 people to the wedding and its not a sit down reception its a buffet and they sit where ever they want.
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  • It is ok, but I wouldn't do it.  After our wedding, I remember thinking that it just went by so fast.  I wouldn't have wanted to give up an hour of it.  I actually kind of wish we'd added an extra hour. 

    Have you looked into having a stylist come out?  Maybe ask around, or talk to your normal stylist.  Even though the salon isn't open, you can probably find someone to come to you that morning.  

    Personally, I would do my own hair before I cut time out of the reception.  
  • I would rather find another hair solution than miss out on an hour with my friends and fam on our wedding day.
    I ended up wearing my veil the whole time and doubt anyone really saw my beautiful elaborate expensive up-do.
  • Yes there will be enough seating for everyone. im just not doing asignning most of it is all old great aunts and uncles coming so there has to be enough spots for them to sit!
  • I cannot handle a curling iron to save my life, but I'd do my own hair, or have a friend do it before I missed out on time for the reception. 4 hours doesn't even seem like enough for me, but that's just my opinion.
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  • Ask your regular stylist if you can hire her the morning of your wedding or if she can recommend someone.
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  • Thank you everyone for ur imputt!
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