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Final meeting with reception venue

I'm getting ready for my final meeting with my reception venue and trying to make a list of things to ask.  I have a basic list of things to ask along with the paper work they gave us when we booked but I'm just looking to see if I'm missing anything.  What are some questions that you forgot to ask or something you wouldn't think to ask but should have.  Any suggestion are great

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Re: Final meeting with reception venue

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    -Are there any rules on decorations?
    We were going to go with a museum here and they didn't allow you to throw anything (no rose petals, bubbles, etc) They also didn't allow tape. I'm not sure what I would have needed to 'tape' up, but they didn't allow it.

    -Can you have an isle runner?

    The same Museum didn't allow isle runners. I'm assuming it was because it was a slick floor... but there are ways around that. Oh well.

    -Do you need to get insurance or are they insured?

    This is for in the event that one of your Uncle's drinks too much and decides to jump off of a table. The Museum we looked at didn't provide it, but the venue we chose did. Although, it was not our deciding factor.

    -Is there staff that will clean at the end of the night?

    -If so, is there an extra charge for that?

    -Is there a musical instrument that you can use that they have?
    This is for like a piano or something. That way it can used during your ceremony if you are getting married in the same place as your reception.

    -Do they only use specific caterers?

    -Is their kitchen a prep kitchen only?
    If it is it's not a big deal you just need to know this info for your caterer. If you choose someone they recommend then they will obviously be able to use their kitchen.

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