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Centerpiece Ideas - Non Floral

Hi Ladies!

Looking for some ideas for centerpieces that don't have flowers in them.  Want to keep it budget friendly too!  Trying to come up with something original but getting stuck!  Any ideas?

Re: Centerpiece Ideas - Non Floral

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    - branches with crystals & lights and/or hanging votive candles, real or battery operated
    - tall non-floral natural materials like pussy willows, silver-dollar plants bamboo
    - multiple height & size candles
    - glass vases filled with fruit that match your color scheme
    - photo trees with pictures of the two of you attached or hanging

    Good luck.

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    You could use giant barware filled with water and put floating candles in them.

    Or as pp mentioned multiple height and size candles

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    I've just decided to do non-floral to save some cash. I'm just make some personalized labels for wine bottles and put 2 or 3 in the center of the table surrounded by 4 votives. Its Useable, i'd be buying the wine anyways, and any wine left in-tact can be taken home and enjoyed by me or my local guests.

    I really do like the candles of varying heights in the post above...
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    I have also seen vases that had some sort of shiny silver garland wrapped loosely around it with a candle inside. There's tons of great crafty things you can do for your centerpieces! Maybe someone at a local craft store could give you some ideas? Michaels and AC Moore tend to have good wedding craft supplies.
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