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Divorced Parents - need introductions help!

My Mom & Dad divorced 15 years ago and my Dad has remarried & my Mom has a boyfriend that no one likes (for legit reasons) but for sake of mother being happy that day, I will invite him.
Anyway, when DJ is doing introductions of wedding party etc. walking into reception room, idk how the intrs should go....
Any help or suggestions from other knotties possibly in same predicament....
and just something to keep in mind - my parents hate each other so it's not as easy as having them walk in room standing next to each other...
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Re: Divorced Parents - need introductions help!

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    DH's parents are divorced and both remarried.  We introduced each parent with their spouse and not together. We saw no reason to exclude the stepparents or to intentionally make anyone uncomfortable by forcing his parents together.
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    You dont have to have them introduced, they can introduce the wedding party and then bride & groom without going into specific names for the parents.
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    DH and I both have divorced parents. Mine both remarried, his dad did, his mom didn't (She was also single at the time of the wedding). So here's how we did it:

    First we introduced DH's dad and Step-mom
    Then DH's mom with our RB (DH's nephew and MIL's only grandchild)
    My mom and step-dad, along with my youngest brother (He wasn't in the WP, but he was the only one of my siblings that wouldn't have been included in the the intros, and that seemed incredibly unfair to me).

    Then we did BP intros.

    I skipped bio-dad and my step-mom entirely, because my relationship with my bio-dad sucks (I actually like my step-mom), and I was actually pretty convinced they weren't even showing up to the wedding. They did. But I have no regrets.

    I think as long as you don't pair up the divorced couples (Because that's pretty darn rude to them and their current spouses), you can pretty much do whatever you want, including skipping the parent intros all together.

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