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Help me decide on a reception venue

Re: Help me decide on a reception venue

  • I think we need more information than just photos to make an informed decision. Like pros/ cons of each, price, what the package includes etc.
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    [QUOTE]I thought you were getting married in Indiana and had already decided on a venue?
    Posted by ILoveMilkDuds[/QUOTE]
    we moved  it cause family wasnt happy with indiana!
  • the first venue site fee is 3835.00 and its 170.00pp
    includes 5hour  you get the ceremony,cocktails,preminum top shelf alcohol
    open bar through ot. coordinator and asst 400.00
    maitre d and captain 400.00
    selection of 8 passed hors d oeures.choce of two stations
    soup,salad,appetizer or pasta selection and main course.two entrees
    wedding cake
    dessert,coffee and assorted tea
    linen aand ladies room and coat attendant
    cons dont accept credit cards
    includes tables,chairs silverware etc

    the second venue
    site  fee 2900.00
    maitre d fee 450.00
    5hour event includes preminum open bar
    staff equipment
    tables.chairs,linen silver etc

    the last venue
    includes linen etc 5 hr open bar
    1000.00 site fee
    if you waant to use the after reception longe thats 3000.00 fee and 45.00 per person
  • You put a lot more information on venue 1, which makes me think that maybe you like this one the best. Go with that you will be happy with when you look back. We can't make that decision for you.
  • I think 1 just because it's the prettiest. ;)
  • Based on the pictures alone, I think #1 is the prettiest.   
  • Venue 1, gorgeous!

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  • #1 is the nybg no?


  • Are you kidding?  We're not making this decision for you? Yikes!

    Always factor in cost and what you get for the price, but I think most important, which venue do you like the most and feel like is the most you two?  Can you picture your reception there with decor, etc.?  All three are beautiful from the pictures.  You won't go wrong.
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