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A house Reception?

Our budget is really tight and my fiance wants the reception to be informal at his parents house in the back yard. Something like a Bar-B-Q with drinks and dancing. That is the type of family he has, they like to party so this idea wouldn't bother his family but my family is a little more formal and calm. So this idea might turn my family off. What should I do, and does this house reception sound ghetto?

Re: A house Reception?

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    I would have a mature conversation with him about your concerns and try to come up with a decision that you are both happy with.

    And no it doesn't sound "ghetto."
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    No it's not "ghetto".  It's just casual and informal.  It sounds like you two need to talk about what you envision for your wedding and come to a compromise that makes you both happy.  It's about the kind of party the two of you want to throw, not about what your families will want you to throw though.  So think about what YOU envision for your wedding day, talk to your FI about what HE envisions, and come to a compromise.
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    My cousin had her wedding and reception at a family friend's house.  It was casual and elegant.  It can be done.  But everyone's right, you two need to sit down and discuss what you each want.

    Just say no to 50 gallon garbage cans filled with ice and cheap beer.
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    I agree with everyone, we do need to talk. And coolers with ice and beer would be just how it would be. No I don't think so, not on my wedding day. I sure we could come up with something.
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    We are having our reception at his sister's house - casual but nicely catered. You can really make an at home reception casual and classy at the same time, it's all in the details. It's much less stressful, more fun and a lot less expensive than my first, formal wedding. Good luck!
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    I really wanted to have an at home reception.  Unfortunately, we don't know anyone with an appropriate house.  I lean towards casual receptions, so I'm biased.  

    Anyway, it sounds fine to me.  There are definitely ways to make it look classy.  
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