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LINEN: polyester vs satin

are most linens used for weddings polyester or satin?? does it matter?? I am comparing renting to buying...

thanks ladies!!!

Re: LINEN: polyester vs satin

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    Not satin in my experience.
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    I peronsally like the look and feel of satin better, but haven't seen it used at many weddings. Polyester is the bigger choice among weddings as far as I know.

    If you dont have a preference I wouldn't worry about what is the norm...I would choose the cheaper option if they both look the same to you and again there is no preference for one or the other.
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    LasairionaLasairiona member
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    Satin is polyester. That said, most linens are either cotton or polyester.

    Renting is the better option. If you purchase them, you'll have to find a home for them afterwards, which is not an issue with renting. Check your local board for price quotes from various companies in your area.
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    High five to Lasairiona for knowing that satin is a weave, not a fiber content (ahh, textile science...hopefully my students listen when I teach that section...)

    That being said, I went to a wedding with satin seat covers and table cloths--It was so uncomfortably hot and sweaty.  Those things did not breathe at all! 
    I would reccommend sitting at a table with one draped over it to see if is too hot.  Your guests will thank you. 
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    Haha, what a bunch of dorks, and I mean that in the most loving of ways.  I went to fashion school, and I always get mad when people ask me "polyester or satin" because, like pps have said, it can be both because one's a fiber and one's a weave.  That being said, most basic linens are some sort or plain weave, which is more matte in finish.  If you're looking for a luster, which satin will provide, more than likely it's going to cost you extra.
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