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table runners...

 What do u guys think about the table runners being the same color as the bridesmaid dresses? Yes it’s an “okay idea” or No it’s a “horrible idea” and why… 


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    Mine are almost identical.. they don't have to match exactly, but I like when things coordinate.  
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    I don't see a problem with it.  I did that on half the tables, and the other half were our other wedding color.  Most people choose 2 or 3 wedding colors and coordinate everything around those.  So, most people have them match or coordinate in some way.  I don't see an issue.
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    I am not using runners but the satin overlays match the BM dresses, and that wasn't planned it just happened. I do love the fact that my color, navy, is easy to match & coordinate.  It doesn't matter if they match or not.
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    My colors were light pink and gold. The BM's wore light pink dresses with a gold sash and my MOH wore the same dress but with the colors reversed. I ordered table runners in light pink and gold and alternated the colors on the tables. I don't think they matched exactly.. but they were the same color scheme.
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    Thank you for all your ideas. My colors are chocolate brown and light pink with sage. The BM are going to be in the brown color and wasn't sure if the table runners all should be one color, similar color or something totally different. Bigvioce I think I like your idea.

    Thanks ladies for your help. These boards have really helped me :)

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    If you choose to make the table runners in the same color as the bridesmaids then try to pick a fabric with a gentle pattern with a neutral color (ie white) or texture to it. That way they match in color, but don't look like you cut them from their dresses.
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    Thank u solo. I will keep that in mind this weekend when I go shopping :)

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