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Opinions on this low-key intimate wedding reception.

We are getting married in New Hampshire (but we live in Canada) next winter. Me and the fiance are going to be there for a week - we're renting an absotulely beautiful rustic cottage in the white mountains. We are having about 20 guests - all close friends and immediate family. Because of the number of guests, we aren't doing first dances etc (its not our style anyway). So even though this is totally not the way a normal wedding day flows, this is what I'm thinking:

Starting in the late afternoon have the wedding photos done. I know this is odd to do it before the ceremony, but I don't want there to be a big pause before the reception. The ceremony will be held in the early evening followed immediately by the reception at a beautiful local restaraunt. The reception will consist of a 3 course meal with specialty wines and cocktails. Following the dinner will be cake cutting and drinks at the cottage we are renting.

I know its odd to have the dinner and the cake cutting at different locations, but we want to encourage our guests to hang around, chat and enjoy the evening for as long as they wish (in other words, we want a bit of an "after party"). Hanging out at the restaraunt would be to expensive (drinks there are in the range of $7-$9 a peice).

Keep in mind this is meant to be a very casual wedding, and all those who will be attending will be very close friends & family who mostly know each other quite well.

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