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Hawaiin themed/tropical reception ideas( on a budget)

anyone here from Arkansas? Would love simple,fun and very inexpensive ideas for wedding reception that is tropical/hawaiin themed.....have some ideas of my own but input welcome

Re: Hawaiin themed/tropical reception ideas( on a budget)

  • Are you looking for recs on reception venues? If so I'd try the Arkansas board.

    If you are looking for decor suggestions, people from out of state can give you some help too. Right off the bat, I would suggest maybe some fresh fruit as an appetizer (Hawaii has wonderful fresh fruit!), chocolate covered macademia nuts as favors, maybe serve just beer and wine with one signature drink instead of totally open bar. The Hawaii theme could mean doing a pina colada as a signature drink.

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  • I saw something today which might go great. You can create your own fruit popsicles and put them in long bags kind of like the ones you get from the store that come unfrozen. Use orchids for your flowers of choice, and perhaps purple and yellow colors.
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  • one room, in.....long tables....take sand...spread it in the line in the center of the table with shells.....buffet of cold with shaped cookies. exchange small necklaces that has a mini bottle of sand....take flavors of the island but bring it to your state.

    in hot geogia...pineapple pound cake, anyone?
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