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bouquet toss

So I want to do a bouquet toss at the wedding, but no garter toss.  I also want to do the anniversary dance.  It seems that a common gift for the longest married couple is the toss bouquet.  Any other suggestions for a gift to the longest married couple?  We are also planning on renting the centerpieces so I can't even give those away...
Thanks for any ideas!

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    If you're doing a separate throwing bouquet for the bouquet toss, you could give the real one to the longest married couple with the anniversary dance.  That's what I'm thinking of doing.  If you don't want to do that, maybe a bottle of liquor or wine?
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    I would do a nice bottle of champagne.
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    I've never seen the longest married couple get a gift.  Instead they were asked to provide some words of advice for a long and happy marriage. 
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    I am in the same boat. Doing a bouquet toss and an anniversary dance. Looking at my guest list, I'm 99.9% sure my grandparents (65yrs!!) are going to win that one, so I think I'm just going to give them a framed pic from the wedding. Obviously that'll come later, but my family is really close and we see each other all the time so it won't be hard to get it to them.
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