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Ceremony/Reception Same Room

We are going to look at a couple of venues tomorrow and I have a quick question for me to keep in mind while I go look!

We are having a February wedding and a lot of the places we like are outdoor ceremony areas and indoor reception areas. (Oh, Charleston! Why do you have to be so difficult in the winter??)

How would you guys go about setting up the reception and ceremony in the same room? (The room would be big, not cluttered or too small for this type of thing).


Re: Ceremony/Reception Same Room

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    I've only been to one wedding where it was in the same room, and they had a small area in the corner of the room with an arch set up and chair to watch.  It would depend on the size of the guest list too though.  I've also heard brides say on here that they used some time of decorations to break the room into 2 smaller halves, such as fake trees, sofas, or something like that. 
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    If you are having a cocktail hour, you can set up the room for the ceremony the way you want it, then they turn it over completely for the reception while the guests are having cocktails.
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    I believe usually you have the ceremony in the space, go somewhere else in the building for cocktails while it's being flipped, then go back into the room and it's set up with tables and ready for dinner. We might be doing that. You can also use pipe & drape, or shoji screens to delineate the spaces. 
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