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Need an opinion...

So we are comparing tablecloth options. We bought 90x90 satin overlays in our colors. The overlays hang 9" over the edge of the table in the centers and the corners make points just miss touching the floor making an arch shape. So my question is would you buy a white tablecloth that touchs the floor to put under it or just leave it as just the overlay. I don't think I've ever seen it like that at a wedding before but it looks pretty cool.

Re: Need an opinion...

  • i think just the overlay if that's what your saying looks cool...go for it :)
  • IMO, as long as you can't see up people's dresses when they are sitting down, you won't need the white!
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  • A 9" drop at the center is really too short to use without an underlay.  Also, if you are using the circular folding tables, the legs are really ugly.  Get a round table cloth that comes to the ground, or almost to the ground, and use the overlay on top of that.
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