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I'm planning on having a champage toast at the reception, however there are a couple guests that are recovering alcoholics.How do I handle a delicate situation? Do I provide a non-alcohol option? I don't want to bring attention to them either.

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    Instead of doing a champagne toast, just do a regular drink toast. That way people can drink what they want and still participate in the toast.

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    We had a sparkling wine toast and anyone who didn't want it just declined and toasted with the beverage they already had. I don't think that calls attention to anyone b/c even non-alcoholics might decline it. 
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    At my friend's wedding, before the toast, someone went around and put a bottle of champagne, as well as a bottle of sparkling cider on each table. Guests then had the option to use the champagne, the sparkling cider, or neither. I think this would work perfectly in this situation.
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