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Licensed Bartender for Reception?

Is there such a thing as a “licensed” bartender?  My vendor does not serve liquor themselves but says as long as our caterer has a licensed bartender or we can find a licensed bartender to hire that it will be okay.  I’m just a little confused because I didn’t that was such a thing?  They are a brand new venue and still getting their legal stuff worked out…  any ideas?

Re: Licensed Bartender for Reception?

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    It depends on state law, but generally, yes.  At a restaurant, the establishment owns the license.  But for special events, the caterer would be the one to carry it.  Start with your caterer and see if they offer a licensed bartender.  If they don't, they can probably direct you to someone independent.  You can also post on craigslist looking for someone independent.

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    Yes there is a such thing. I am a licensed bartender. :) Its just like anything else you get a license for. You take a class, pass it, and voila! You get a license :)
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