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Did anybody you know skip this part? It seems cheesy to me. Our wedding has only 70 guests and zero bridesmaids and groomsmen. Our brothers will be standing up with us, one brother for each of us. It seems odd to do introductions

Re: Introductions

  • We are skipping it.
  • We only had a BM and MOH, and we decided not to do introductions. They each introduced themselves when giving a toast anyway. And since you are having your brothers be your attendants, I'm guessing most people will know who they are.
  • We might do them because we're opting to have most of the wedding party be seated in the front row during the ceremony so that they don't block the guests' view (a problem I've experienced at a few weddings). It will be very quick, right before we're introduced and do our first dance. 
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  • We're not having any of the wedding party introduced, just us.  Honestly, if people don't already know that your MOH is Jill, your freshman college roommate, they really don't care.
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