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I am planning a reception during the day and then carrying on a family "backyard" party to follow.  It is a July wedding plus the cost of the wedding was practically cut in half.  I want the day to be amazing regardless,  I am a little nervous about having time to prepare in time etc... Anyone have any words of wisdom?  Anyone in the same boat!?  I need some inspiration!

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    I am with you on this one. Our ceremony begins at 10:30am with a brunch reception to follow. I have been looking for an example of a timeline for a brunch reception and have had no luck. At this point I think we will have to get up at 5am or sooner to get everything done on time. I have decided to hire a team of 3 hair stylists to do hair for all 9 of us. And even then I am worried about getting everything accomplished. I have no issues getting up early but I am feeling bad for the rest of the wedding party. My game plan is to have the bridal party all at my house early in the morning and have all stylists and photog come to us.
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