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Hi All,
We are doing an outside wedding, under a tent and wanted to hang white paper lanterns from the tent....about 30-40 of them. We were told it would cost us $41.00 per lantern to install and do this. Isn't that a lot of money? Does anyone have a better solution? Could you do it yourself? Are you? PLEASE HELP!
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Re: Lantern lighting

  • That is A LOT of money! I found paper lanters on this site
    They are not expensive at all.
    I don't know about instillation though. Maybe you can get someone to help.
  • I think the problem is the price youfound doesn’t include the lights inside the lantern…
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  • You can buy the lanterns from the website, and then there are plenty of options on there for lighting as well. Google "LED throwies" or "lighting paper lanterns" and there are a ton of options out there.

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  • I just ordered paper lanterns and lights, but am afraid that the lights may not be bright enough. Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of light should be used to light the lanterns?

    Thank you!
  • Abby - LED lights are the best, they are the brightest and stay lit the longest. Like prideeinpynk  said, google LED Throwwies and they'll have instructions on how to do that, its super cheap and easy to do. or both have great deals on lanterns.  If you have to pay $41 per lantern to have them hung, I would definately NOT to it, thats a ton of money. Do you really want to spend close to $1500 to hang lanterns?!
  • Target has inexpensive outdoor patio string lights with large friend just used them to define the dance floor at her wedding and it looked great!  You could do a bunch of these and then just a few of the lanterns.
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