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My FI and I are just not much into dancing.  The wedding will have a lot more family than friends, who will probably not do much dancing either.  Rather than have a dull dance floor, does anyone have alternatives that could be done in place of dancing?  I am having a beach theme wedding that I still want to remain elegant.  All ideas are helpful.  TIA

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    I would just hire a good DJ or band, have lots of alcohol and see what happens. MH and I don't dance (I jokingly got on the dance floor for about a minute during one song, and MH only danced during the slow dances), and we didn't think we'd have many dancers at our wedding, but we wound up having LOTS of dancers.

    If people don't want to dance, they will eat and drink and chat with their friends. You don't need to plan an alternate activity for them. From my experience, it seems like most non-dancers want to sit quietly and relax and enjoy themselves ... it's not that they're bored, it's just what they find enjoyable at a wedding.

    I will add, however, that we had a photobooth and that was a big hit. MH's cousin had one at her wedding a few years ago and people loved it, and we took that cue from her and hired one ourselves.
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    My grandma has been to a wedding where there was no music or dancing. She hated it! So I wouldn't exnay the dancing and music out.Most fo our guests are family and we don't expect dancing. So we hired the dj that played at my friends wedding & originally no one was dancing but the dj was so good everyone got up and started dancing. If you think alot of ppl aren't going to dance to the fast dance then have your dj play slowere songs. Old ppl always love those.
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