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Escort Cards or "Make your own"?

We're not doing a seating chart for our wedding. It's really uncommon in our area. Some people suggested we still do some type of placecard so people will know if a certain seat is "claimed." We had thought of doing a table of escort cards so people could just pick up their card on the way in and put it at  their seat. We were just at a wedding last weekend where each seat had a blank card at it so people could just fill it in themselves instead of having to look through a whole table of cards. Any input on which would work better?

Re: Escort Cards or "Make your own"?

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    It's easier if you just print their name on the card and what table they are at. You don't have to assigned them a seat but at least a table. If you let guests pick where they sit without any direction it gets confusing and a table of 4 with another of 10 crouched around a table for 8. 

    Also if you put them in alphabetical order-- even easier to find their name.
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    JenO24JenO24 member
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    Make your own place cards for people to pick up.
    I got a pack of 96 at Target for $10...just print them out yourself
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