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Cocktail hour before or after?

I liked the idea of hiring a dance choreographer to teach some dances during the cocktail hour after the ceremony and before the reception starts. The lessons would include swing, tango, etc. My Dad who is a professional DJ says he has seen this before and it can go horribly wrong because people use this time to get to know each other and get drinks, so they will be too shy to get up and learn dance moves.

My idea is to have a cocktail hour before the ceremony serving beverages only. Then hold the 2nd "cocktail hour" in the large reception ballroom with the dance choreographer. 

We do not want to see each other before the ceremony, so our pics will be done during that time. I have seen many times where the cocktail hour can be super long and boring while waiting for the bride and groom to make their entrance and I figured this will be a great way to entertain and give people an opportunity to try something they normally wouldn't seek out to do.

Ideas, suggestions, comments please? I'm looking for feedback on both ideas, early cocktail hour and dance choreographer.
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