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My b.m's are planning a bridal shower for me, my wedding isnt for more than a year away. When it comes to the bridal shower  who gets invited? Does the female dates of our male guests get invited. For example: The best man is my Fiancee and I's best friend (best man and I grew up together), my fiancee is our best friends best man at his wedding (1.5 months before our wedding)... We have all vacationed together, but I am not super close with his fiance, I am not sure whether I would be invited to her bridal shower or not, but should my b.m's invite her?

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    If your wedding is over a year away, why is anyone worrying about this now? You can invite anybody you want, but everyone invited to the shower must also be invited to the wedding. I wouldn't invite anybody you aren't close to unless it is family, either yours or his. So no, the dates of the male guests do not necessarily need to be invited.
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    Only those persons you want to invite need to be invited-and as Addie points out above, they do need to be invited to the wedding.  So you don't have to invite the FI of the best man just because she's his fiancee.
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    I agree with PP. Everyone invited to the shower must be invited to the wedding. But not everyone invited to the wedding must be invited to the shower. However, if you wanted to get to know this girl, for example, a little more since you'll be spending time with her before and at the wedding it might be nice to include her. But since the wedding is so far away they may not even be together by then.


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    The shower list should include the bride's closest friends and family.  People shouldn't meet you or get to know you at your shower.

    The shower should be in the last couple of months before the wedding.  When your friends get further into planning, they will probably ask you for a guest list.  At that time, you would ask how many people they have in mind.  
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    Since you're over a year away, I wouldn't worry about it now. The only ladies who are invited to my shower are family, family friends and close friends. If they are invited to the shower, they should be invited to the wedding as well. 
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