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Gel manicure update

Soooo today I went in and showed them the three cracked nails and two chipped nails and they redid my nails for free (yay!) but it wasn't shellac (mixed feelings?) it was a new brand that they just got in 2 days ago. The color is intense, super bright pink, it applied much thinner (not sure if this was because of the polish or because it was someone else doing it) and I had no drying issues this time.

So yay all around! I hope this works out better this time.

I plan to do shellac somewhere else at some point, but I really did want to give them a chance to fix their mistake. They're less than 5 minutes from our apartment so it's convenient to go there for regular manicures (which is probably what I'll do most of the time between now and Hawaii, I'm not Oprah rich) but there are other places that specialize in Shellac closer to work.

Anyhoo I'm done boring you with news from my nails :)

Re: Gel manicure update

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