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CHECK! Last ones. (PIP)

So I thought I'd gotten all of the WR mail I was going to get before the wedding and then I got these!  (Please excuse the horrible lighting--and the camera shake.  My new P&S is so sensitive to any teeny little movement I make.)


Engagement coffee-table books are part of our photographer's specialty.  I had gone over the layout with her a while back and asked her over the phone recently when she would be sending it.  She said she'd sent it more than a week and a half ago priority mail, eep!  I thought it had gotten lost, but it got here just in time.  Here are some of the page layouts.

I am in love.  I can't wait to have it on display in our new place.  I'm looking forward to framing our favorites too.  So in love with all of them, choosing is going to be tough.

Our announcements also arrived with our e-book.

Addressing and mailing these out will be my first big project as a married lady.

FI also FINALLY got his shirt and tie for the wedding.

I love the tie he ended up getting, someone at the store helped him pick it out, haha.  He got them when he went to pick up our wedding bands.

Well, that's it!  These are the last checks I'll be posting.  Bittersweet!  Thank you all so much for letting me share these with you and for letting me share in your wedding moments as things come together.  <3

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