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Marine Corps Ball (PIP)

Hey girlies. As some of you know, I went to the Marine Corps Ball last Saturday. Aside from the getting ready process and finding the hotel being absolutely awful, it was a fun night! Didn't get many pictures, the lighting was bad, my camera wouldn't work, FH couldn't find his camera, and he hates taking pictures in the first place. Oh well. Enjoy. ;)

This was the ceremony. It's tradition to do a cake passing from the oldest Marine to the youngest. Zach was the youngest. (He's 19, about to be 20, so he's not actually the youngest. But his sarg. knew he didn't wanna be in the ceremony, so he put him in it. Ha!)

Me and FH. Sadly this is the only picture of us together. ;(

This was my dress. Ordered from ebay!

FH ;)


He doesn't smile for pictures, but I managed to make him laugh and caught one. ;) Isn't he just the cutest? Hehe.
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