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Health Update!

Let me just say, doesn't it figure that today, the day I go to the Drs, is the best feeling day I've had in probably 2 weeks?!

Anyways, it is partially allergies, but also a slight sinus infection.  I got a Zpack for 5 days as well as a nose spray that I can use daily, more as a maintenance spray to try to eliminate all this again.  She also gave me a Netipot to get all this crud out of my nose.

Lastly, I have to try not to cough, at least for 36 hours so my throat/chest can heal and will lessen how much I have to couch...can I just say how hard it'd been and it's only been 30 minutes?!?!

Thanks for all of your kind words and well wishes through my month of sickness!  I WILL be better by Tuesday! off to the vet to get the dog straightended out before we leave!
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