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Hello Ladies!!

My name is Janine and I just wanted to introduce myself to the board since I am new and in early stages of my planning.  We are toying with eloping vs a destination wedding to an island.  Just finding it difficult on how to decide who you invite to a destination ceremony and how many.  Any ideas?

Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all over the next year!!

Re: Newbee

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    Welcome! It really depends on the type of wedding you are envisioning.  Some people prefer it to be just immediate family, other include friends, just whatever you want.  Knowing of course that not everyone you invite will come.  We are expecting about 40-50 people to attend.  There are people we are inviting that we know will def. not come but deserve an invitation. 

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    Hi and welcome to the board!! 

    I think the invite list is one of the most challenging aspects of a DW and you will find that brides use varying processes.  Some will invite everyone they would normally invite to a traditional, at home wedding knowing that only a small percentage will attend.

    FI and I decided to invite only our immediate families, aunts/uncles and a few close friends each.  Our guest list is around 60 people and I think we'll have at least 45 in attendance, most likely more. 

    At one point we were thinking of just having immediate family, but my friends are like family and I wanted them included and I'm really close with my aunts so they had to be invited too!
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    We invited a ton of people (around 100), but it looks like we will end up with 25-30, which is perfect for us.  We knew we wanted something small, but we also know that most of our family members would not travel, so we figured we would invite them.  It's ending up pretty perfect.

    I should note that we sent out one invitiation that included an invite to the DW and to the AHR.  That way when people RSVP, they can respond that they are coming to both, to only the DW, to only the AHR, or to both.  It seems to be going well thus far.
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    Hi Janine and welcome to the board.  Like the pp said, how many guest to invite really depends on what type of wedding you want and how much money you want to spend.

    Me personally, due to all the drama I've had to endure in the process, if I could go back, I would have did a planned elopement and not invited anyone.  Then came back and had a big party.

    But its totally up to you and your FI. If you think your family and friends would like to join you, go ahead and invite them. Smile
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    Hi Janine and Welcome! I won't be repetitive but I feel the same as the other posts so I just stopped to say HI!!!
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    Hi and Welcome!!!

    We invited EVERYONE we would have invited to a traditional at home wedding, KNOWING that not everyone would be able to attend due to the cost factor and/or vacation time.  I'd say that we invited approximately 60 to 70 people, expecting MAYBE 15 to attend (immediate family), but we had close to 40 people cruise with us. 

    You never know who will actualy commit to going, and actually do go.  You will find (and those of us who are old married hags already will tell ya) that there will be some who do commit to going and back out at the very last minute.  And on the other side of the spectrum, there are those who you don't expect to attend who do actually attend!!!!

    Good luck! And again, Welcome!
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    Hi, and welcome!  We did a private wedding, just me & hubby. We're having an AHR in July though. If I went back, I would possibly consider inviting family & friends, but I'm not sure. A main reason we didn't was that it would have been a financial strain for our immediate families to attend, and I would feel bad about that, whether they were or weren't able to make it.
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